Sunday, November 05, 2006

Race report: Northfield

Wow, this race rocked! Sean Noonan and co. put together a race at the St. Olaf campus. After picking up a couple of mochas at Starbucks like proper poofters, we picked up Morgan at Augsburg and headed down to Northfield. After getting lost following the messed up directions we still made it with time for a proper warm-up. What an awesome course! It started out along a football field, did a nice 180 and went straight up a steep runup. It was just barely rideable, but the sick bastards put a double barrier halfway up forcing us to run (or walk!) the rest of the way. Some grassy turns then into some nice singletrack descent with sandy spots. A fast descent back to the football fields and then a brilliant 'pinwheel' which spiraled in toward the center, and then back out. A really awesome idea! After that a grassy trip back to the start/finish. This proved to be a Steven-friendly race, as it looks like I regained my 9th place spot. It was great to put the suffer on some of the roadies on the runup after getting the hurt yesterday!
__After that was a collegiate race. After talking for weeks about doing the C, B and collegiate races, Morgan ended up just doing the collegiate race after his crash yesterday. Then came the B race, and all the usual suspects were present. I had some fun playing with the movie feature of my digital camera after discovering that I even had the feature when I made Morgan's video. I'll have to snag some editing software and see what I can do with it. I have a great clip of people swirling around the pinwheel, as well as some others of the runup and descent. There were some great battles brewing in the B race, Karla and Linda Cooper battling for CRY, Betty Alix and GW Sarah who just moved up to the Bs, as well as an awesome battle in the As between an Iowan and Dewey Dickey (everyone else was at the UCI race in CO apparently).
__It was a good day at the races.