Sunday, November 05, 2006

Race report: Anoka

The day started inauspiciously as I found myself in Anoka with only one shoe. I decided to let Lynne do the C race and headed back to Minneapolis to fetch the other shoe so I could at least to do the B race. The course proved to be very non-Steven-friendly, as it had no runups or particularly technical sections and was pretty flat and roadie-friendly. Since my fitness is not where it should be, and I'm beginning to think I might have exercise-induced asthma in this climate (not sure how that works but some people that have it are telling me that), I sucked bad on this race. And 45 minutes is a long time! But at least I (or my bike anyway) looked good out there, as a couple of fans were congratulating me on my Frogglegs (cantilevers) matching my handlebar tape. Anyway, a couple notables of the day were poor Karla doing a hard face-plant at the barrier near the start/finish right in front of me (after I slid out right in front of her at Como Park!) and poor Morgan crashing at the triple barrier (click on some ads on his blog, the poor boy needs some handlebar tape!).
__After that Lynne and I went shopping for glasses and she got some sweet new frames after much searching. I went in search of a warmer coat for Minnesota winters, as my coat from Wisconsin was permanently retired after moving to Oregon and never needing it, but alas, one was too expensive, and the other wasn't in my size. I'm finding with cycling and casual gear, staying warm is expensive! We finished the day with an awesome meal at Birchwood (yes, we can't always go to Town Hall when there's a Cat 6er and a Betty in the same household). Yum!