Thursday, June 03, 2010

Power training wrap-up

So the training cycle I've been doing on Carmichael's The Time Crunched Cyclist program is done. That means I get to ride my bike for fun now! Yay! I'll do another peak for cyclocross season.

The result? Threshold power improved by about 14% over the course of the program (using the CTS field test). How does this compare to the improvement I would have gotten anyway over the course of the early season? No clue of course. I do feel stronger. On the other hand, I have no race results to show for it. I think that training with a plan, no matter what the plan is, and having measurable feedback are what make the difference. There are many ways to do this, but like many things, you just have to have a plan and follow it through.

So I'm happy with the improvement on paper. I'm not happy with the lack of race results. So much of racing is mental though. The ability to suffer more than the next guy. The season's still early. Maybe relaxing about "the plan" and having more fun on the bike will lead to some results. Or not.