Saturday, April 11, 2009

Salmon vs. black Kool Stop pads, back in the saddle

My black Kool Stop brake pads wore out last season, so I decided to replace them with the salmon-colored Kool Stop pads since it's spring and I anticipate wet sloppy weather. Today, however, was a gorgeous, dry, sunny day, and I quickly learned the difference between the compounds! The salmon pads are for wet conditions, and in dry conditions they don't work nearly as well as the black pads. I'm thinking unless you live in Seattle or Portland, go with the black pads! I'm posting this because I'd noticed a huge improvement when I tossed the brake pads that came with my Cane Creek (formerly Dia-Compe) single pivot brakes for the Kool Stop pads. Also, my LBS stopped carrying Kool Stop pads and was pushing the more profitable Jagwire line. Their pads suck too, as do their cables.

Anyway, back in the saddle after the crash Wednesday. The face isn't as scary looking as before, and I figured out a way to keep the sun off (Compeed bandage plus sunblock on the non-oozing parts), so I finally got out again. A gorgeous day, 55 degrees and sunny. Did my Rosemount loop. Went out in the afternoon, because it's way nicer and because I helped sell Sascha's bike this morning at 10am to a reader from Chicago. Everybody and their dogs were out today. Minnesotans sure appreciate their springtime!