Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Crash on the Greenway

Had a little altercation with a stick on the Greenway while commuting to work this morning. The stick won.

I'd met up with Amy for our usual ride out west to work; I'm glad she was along! I was riding the Surly, still set up with fenders, and passed a little gardening plot near Garfield in Uptown. There was a path down to the Greenway covered with wood chips which were tracked onto the path. Normally such debris isn't a problem, but this time a large chunk apparently got kicked up into my front fender and got firmly lodged in the spokes and fender brace. Before I had a clue I was head over heels and flat on my back pretty hard. My first thought, once I got my wits back, was whether my collarbone was okay, since I could already feel that I'd landed on it. Turned out not to be broken at least, but I'll probably be getting it checked out to make sure I don't have a screw loose! Face looks worse than it is, but I suspect my dashing good looks will be compromised. ;-) Fork on the Surly is bent, fender is broken, maybe some other damage, whichs says something, because the Surly is a tank! Everything should be okay though. At least I wasn't riding the BMC with the new Easton fork - that would have been an expensive crash! Thanks to Amy for sticking around, and girlfriend for coming to rescue me!