Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Texas Hell Week - Day 4: hammer time!

Whoa. Rode today with a group of fasties on a very hilly route. Fortunately, we had no wind early in the ride, and a nice tailwind coming home, so with pacelining and sprinting up the hills we averaged 19.3 for the 80 mile ride. It wasn't a total sausage fest, as two women, including fast Katie, were riding with us. By the end we were down to six people, pretty much all ex- or current racers. The pace was just beyond my comfort zone, so an absolutely perfect ride. The ride in was especially nice, with the tailwind and some nice scenery. By the time we were rolling into town, though, all I could think about was getting home. A few more miles and I think I would have collapsed from exhaustion! But that's the best kind of training ride isn't it? :)

Not sure about the Leakey Death ride tomorrow. The smart plan would be to recover and reap the benefits of this ride. Maybe an easy spin, a nap, and the consumption of food and beer.