Monday, March 16, 2009

Texas Hell Week - Day 3: baby farm animals, cleat fitting

Feeling a bit tired after back to back 70+ mile rides, I decided to do the 'C' ride of 40+ miles, and maybe hammer it a bit more. 'Hammering' ended up being 'rubber malleting' and 40+ miles ended up being even less due to erroneous directions. No big deal, as the route through open ranch land led me past a young white (albino?) calf, and very cute frolicking lambs. The extra time allowed me to stop at the local bike shop and get cleats fitted to my new shoes. I also lowered my bars after realizing that the BMC actually had a taller head tube than my Surly Pacer! There was only one thin spacer remaining, and the stem was already flipped down, so I took the spacer out. That should help a bit in the wind!

Wednesday is the 'Leakey Death Ride' - 100+ miles with two brutal climbs. Bring it!