Friday, January 09, 2009

In which the blogger pretends he's tuff

Took the bike out with studded tires, as well as the new Louis Garneau jacket. I am pleased that both performed fabulously. Air temps were mid teens, wind chill was near zero. I went out while the sun was still glowing feebly in the late afternoon. Rode the Greenway to the lakes and did a figure 8 around Calhoun and Harriet, then back again on the Greenway and back home through Uptown. The hands got a bit cold, even with lobster claws and polypro liners. Feet were fine due to chemical warmers. The jacket blocked the north wind nicely, and all I needed on underneath was a light Underarmour shirt and my summer jersey. Jogging pants over tights keep the jewels warm. Trails were mostly packed snow, but I could hear the ice underneath. Once I went over a patch of glare ice before I even saw it coming, but absolutely nothing happened! The tires aren't as cumbersome as everyone was saying, but I was by no means zipping along, nor was I trying to. Just a leisurely trial around town. Saw some paraskiers (or whatever you call them) on the lakes, and some very happy dogs at Calhoun and the dog park. Lights were switched over from the BMC to the cyclocross bike, and came on for the way home through Uptown. I think I'm set for bike commuting now - just have to give myself a bit more time though! I do have to say it was pretty fun riding on snow and ice and slush with impunity. It felt kinda hard core!