Thursday, January 22, 2009

Back to bike commuting

With the balmy temperatures this past week, I've been able to bike commute again. B-wood Amy and I have almost the same route to work, and she has the killer light set-up, so we rode in together Wed. and Thurs. It's quite the workout turning over those studded tires in packed snow for 13 miles each way, plus any other errands. Yesterday was bike to work, bike to yoga, bike to Town Hall for a team meeting, then bike home. I was completely exhausted afterward. Today bike to work, bike home was quite sufficient, thank you. I will sleep like a baby tonight. Probably better than a baby from what I hear about baby sleeping habits. The studded tires and Louis Garneau jacket are turning out to be very good, if expensive, investments. I do have commuter light envy though - my three conventional LED light can be seen, but doesn't do much for lighting up the trail. Fortunately it's getting lighter, not darker since the solstice. I need to bring my camera next time to jazz up these boring posts.