Sunday, December 07, 2008

Winter running, procrastinator squirrel, nice weekend

I'm rather enjoying winter running. Perhaps it's the novelty (although this is my third winter). Running with the temperature at 11 degrees is way more pleasant than cycling at that temp, and a whole lot less hassle too. Track suit, Capilene undershirt, toe warmers, running shoes, gloves and hat, and you're all set. On the bike you'd need so much more cumbersome gear, and your life is in so much more danger, whether you slip on a patch of ice yourself, or you tangle with cars in winter conditions that leave less room for everyone to maneuver safely.

Studly shoesI learned a trick from Runner's World which, apparently, is old news to seasoned runners, but news to me. That is, screwing sheet metal screws into the soles of your shoes for added traction on ice and packed snow. This is a pretty neat idea, so I tried it out today, after already running twice around Lake Harriet yesterday. Snow was falling and it was cloudy and colder, so it was perfect conditions to test. The worked really well, while not getting in the way on the few bare asphalt patches. I put two more screws into each shoe after I took this picture. More details here.

Random picture from the internetOn the way back from yoga today I saw a squirrel bounding through the snow with a nut. I thought it was pretty funny, being a procrastinator myself. Or maybe the wife just sent him out for takeout... On the way over the lake for a run, I saw some kids sledding on a hill. The winter doldrums have yet to set in, and it's nice to enjoy the winter and seeing others enjoy it too. There were still a few people running today, and there's kind of a look of camaraderie now when we pass by each other. :)

Saturday was a fun party, at which I drank very little after drinking too much Thursday night. It's good to meet up with the cycling community in the winter after racing's done!

A pleasant weekend over all. And a nice distraction from all the current and forthcoming doom.