Saturday, December 06, 2008

Spicing up the blog...

My blog is getting lame. Facebook gets all the attention lately. So a little eye candy is in order. Rock Racing may be the evil, Ball may be an @ss, the racers may be dopers, sponsors may hate them, but they sure have the hottie podium girls eh? And that makes up for everything, right? Not.

Racing season is over. Time to start thinking about next year. I think I'll be avoiding the crits for a while. Running has become a regular thing, and I'll be doing some more duathlons. Time trials, road races, and then cylocross. I'll miss the thrill of crits. But that thrill was because of the flirting with death. The flirting got a little too hot and heavy for me this spring. Cyclocross will be my adrenaline rush. After cyclocross season I expect to be getting the steel plate taken out.

That is all.