Monday, October 20, 2008

Sascha's adventures in Sweden, Part I

So I picked up my new c30 this morning, and we were driving down E6 after stopping at the grocery store when, all of the sudden, I was shifting down behind a slower car and the clutch went "thunk" and stuck to the floor. I was stuck in 5th gear driving down the highway. My friend got on the phone and tried to find a number that worked. She's panicking and I'm telling her to relax because we're fine as long as I don't have to slow down! She finally gets someone in customer service who can't help her but gives her a number. Then he wants to waste our time getting demographic data from her and I finally tell her to hang up on him. She called the next number and the guy kept asking her for the registration number befored anything else. We don't know what that is or where to find it. She gives him the vin and tries to explain the problem and he doesn't understand the problem. I tell her to give me the phone at that point. So I tell him my name and state that I'm driving down the highway in 5th gear and the clutch is on the floor and won't disengage. He assures me that this isn't some sort of feature and that he's calling a tow truck. I'm now cranky because we had wanted to stop at Helsingor this afternoon before overnighting in Slagelse. So we're now riding in a tow truck just 75 km north of malmo. Dammit.

Last I heard they're giving her a rental car, a VW Passat wagon that runs on natural gas, only they didn't tell her it runs on natural gas. I looked it up on the interwebs since I hadn't heard of the "tsi" before. How come the Europeans get all the cool shit? They also have a version of the C30 with a turbodiesel that gets better gas mileage than a Prius, but you won't find that here either. WTF? We love our Big Oil here don't we?