Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pets pulling for Obama

Running around Lake Harriet today I saw two little doglets pulling a little cart with a sign that said 'Pets pulling for Obama.' It thought it was a clever idea, especially today when the entire population of Minneapolis was out cruising around the lakes. I gave them a thumbs up. He seemed to appreciate that - I don't know what he said because I was rocking out to Concrete Blonde at the time. I didn't know they made tandem (or whatever you call it - they were side-by-side) harnesses that small!

My fitness is really sucking and getting worse. And I really don't care. I 'peaked' for the duathlon, and now I'm just retarding my loss of fitness by doing a 'cross race each weekend and some running. Which is what 'cross was originally all about. I figure by spring I'll have the fire in the belly again.

I'm appreciating Minneapolis' chain of lakes and the park department's maintenance of this jewel in the city. The leaves are turning now, the weather is gorgeous, the sun is out, and you really can't ask for more perfect weather. I hope everyone had fun in Hudson.