Saturday, October 25, 2008


This is the scariest thing I've heard yet from Bachmann. She's gone from far right to borderline Nazi! Unbelieveable. Some context first, from the Huffingston story (so take that into account of course, but it's pretty much on the nose from my experience living in Europe for two years):

She held forth on the European unrest, referring to a generation of unassimilated Muslim French youth addicted to cable television, led in her imagination by al Jazeera to wreak havoc. Yet it was Bachmann who seemed entranced by cable news. Her knowledge of what was actually happening in France seems to have come entirely from a FOX news-style script. In fact, the unrest was no jihad, had nothing to do with religious faith or Muslim culture or al Jazeeera. It was more akin to the riots in the U.S. for expanded civil rights in the 1960s or those that followed from the Rodney King police beating in Los Angeles in 1991. The European riots came after two suburban youth were killed in a police chase. The unrest centered on decades of discrimination that had manifested itself, for example, in school acceptances and hiring practices and police force racial profiling.
Now here's her response to a question on the riots in France: