Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ghetto TT bike debut

Biked over the river to the last Black Dog TT of the year. The ghetto bike was blinged up a bit for its debut with a set of Easton Tempest II wheels borrowed from Sascha in place of the Ebay blue light specials. I got there a little later than I have in the past, so there was no line, which was nice. Only Trench from my team showed up, and I think turnout was light due to fear of more rain.

It's hard to say how I did yet; I rode at the pain threshold for 7.2 miles - a little less than TNT so I pushed it a bit more. The road sucks worse than ever, though, so energy was wasted avoiding potholes and patched patches, and relaxing the legs to absorb impact when they can't be avoided. I felt fast when I could settle into a rhythm, though, which wasn't very often. I passed my half minute man, but after that I was passed by two or three others after the turnaround. It would have been great to stick around for the results, especially since they had FREE BEER AND PIZZA there, but it was already getting dark by the time my race was over, and it was fully dark when I got home. All I had were little blinky LEDs to get me home. Props to Silver Cycling for providing the beer and pizza though!

Many of the usual suspects were there today: Hollywood and Kristy, Timmer (my like five minutes behind man who blew past me like I was standing still), Teresa Moriarty, Sickboy, Julia, Stick Lavick, Aric Hareland, a full LSC contingent and of course many Silvers and more. No Ray though - WTF? Probably because Meow wasn't there with cookies. It was a little strange seeing the racing crowd again after having been away so long. I'll see plenty of everyone for cyclocross season though! From the back anyway...