Thursday, August 28, 2008

Equal prize money at Jonathan Page's Planet Bike Cup in Madison

The new UCI race in Madison this year put together by Renee Callaway will feature equal prize money for women and men:

Women racers from Juniors up to Elites will be racing for the same prize list as the men at Jonathan Page's Planet Bike Cup.

"Women train as hard, spend as much money traveling to races, and race just as hard as the men," says Renee Callaway, race director. "There's no reason why they shouldn't race for the same prize payout."

Jonathan Page's Planet Bike Cup is part of the Wisconsin Cycling Association (WCA) cyclocross series. The WCA series also offers equal prize payouts for male and female racers. This has helped develop a strong contingent of female racers including Team Planet Bike's National Champions Diane Ostenso (50-54) and Anna Young (17-18).
WCA cyclocross races are always a blast - be sure to head over this year if you haven't yet! Unfortunately the UCI race is on a busy weekend, with the Duluth cyclocross series in MN too.