Wednesday, June 18, 2008

State Fair Affair series

Yesterday was the final "State Fair Affair" Criterium Series race. We had a great turnout, everyone I talked to had a great time, and everything went smoothly for the most part. I'm really proud of my team, and I think we've raised the bar for race promotion. Pre-registration (sign the pre-filled waiver, grab your number and go), no lines for registration, results posted the same day, great venue, fun primes and prizes, Meow's cookies, results posted to USAC, wacky fans and race announcers - we really did our best to make this a great series. We did have some minor glitches with the start lists, and probably some other small issues, but for our first real race promotion, I think my team did a great job. I'm really happy about the turnout - the racers are ultimately what makes it happen, and the support and turnout was great! Next year should be even better!