Friday, May 02, 2008

The Plan

So surgery is scheduled for Tuesday morning. They want to keep me overnight to have me on IV antibiotics and monitor for infection or problems. Then I'm still in a sling for three weeks, and off the bike (and yoga mat) for three months. That puts me into August. That sucks, but not as bad as eight months and healing with a crooked, shortened and deformed collarbone (if I heal at all). I don't think I'll be doing any more crits this year, probably just focusing on getting fitness and mobility back. No choice but the trainer (sigh) until I can get back on the bike. My goal will be to be able to have some fun during cyclocross season. I've gotten a lot of good advice from people, in comments, emails and personally, so thanks to everyone who's shared their experiences! I'm sure I'll get my groove back, but I'm not going to rush anything. Fortunately, I'm not paid to race! Good thing, because I wouldn't have been able to live on a bag of coffee and $7 last year!