Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Checking in, Cat 6 news

Wow this blog is boring when I'm not racing isn't it? I'll be at Opus tomorrow, roasting weenies with my teammates at turn 1. Friends of Cat 6 are invited to stop by, we'll have beer too! Our jerseys are up for sale on the Twin Six web site. If you want to "rock the mid-pack lifestyle" this is your jersey! Only the cool people get the bibs though. There's an "easter egg" hidden inside the back pocket. Wanna know what it is? Buy a jersey and find out! The State Fair Crit series is coming up fast. It's going to be awesome! This is our first real race, and we're hoping everything goes well. We'll even have porta-potties!

Although our message-board humor can be testosterone-laced, we're doing our part to support women's racing by accomodating the Women's Cycling Summit (genesis of Midwest Women's Cycling Made Real and the Women's Prestige Series) - a bus will be picking up the women after their race to take them to the Summit, and bringing them back afterward. We originally scheduled the women's race for later because of feedback that starting them first prevented many from being able to make it on weekdays, but it would have been too confusing to mix up the schedules each week.

Surgery healing is coming along. It really sucks to be off the bike now that we have good weather. I'm not going to push it though - another crash before I'm completely healed would spell doom. I think I'm pretty good at keeping the rubber side down, but there's no accounting for idiot drivers, small children, dogs and especially high-speed crits. I'm shooting cyclocross season for racing next.