Monday, March 17, 2008

Texas Hell Week 08 - Day 2

Yesterday I was feeling great even after pushing it on the bike, but today was totally different! I hooked up with Fast Katie for the B ride - 65ish miles. I think she got even faster since last year (or I've gotten slower!) because I was trashed by the end of the ride. It was a nice ride - perfect weather, a little windy in parts maybe, lots of happy lambs and calves frolicking in the ranch land. Katie and I pushed each other and were at the front of the B groupers until I missed a turn and we made a 6 mile detour. Near the end of the ride I started getting tired, to the point that when I got home I collapsed in my sweaty kit and snoozed for an hour.

Afterward I met up with the girls and we had a great dinner at a nice cafe with some fun music and good food. Life is good!