Saturday, March 15, 2008

Texas Hell Week 08 - Day 1

Currently in Fredericksburg, TX: Sunny and 79 (feels like 79)
Currently in Minneapolis, MN: Cloudy and 31 (feels like 26)

That pretty much sums it up. Although it's been marginally decent in Minneapolis the last few days, it's pretty much impossible for me to get a 60 mile workout in Minnesota when I'm expending my energy trying to stay warm and avoid snow, ice and sprawlsville traffic. Here about the only thing I have to avoid are sheep and cows wandering across the open range! It was a gorgeous day and I was feeling extra frisky, getting some "muscular endurance" drills in as well as 60 miles. No mechanicals, although something's up with the bottom bracket. Rode with a group of fasties for a while, among whom was Fast Katie, although I didn't recognize her until we ran into each other again on the way to the coffee shop. I've committed to making the highlight of the week the infamous "Leakey Death Ride" - a 100 mile epic with some very serious (for Texas) hills! For now I'm sticking to the "B" rides - ususally 60-70 miles. Hopefully I'll have a better base of fitness by the end of the week!