Monday, December 03, 2007

Mark Loesch case update

If you're following the case, the officer that found the suspect in the brutal beating death of cyclist Mark Loesch had been demoted for "insubordination" after contradicting the MPD's statement that Loesch was looking for drugs. "Adams got into trouble by reaching out to the family of a murder victim who was smeared by police superiors." This story in the Sunday paper sums up the events - if you haven't read it I strongly encourage everyone to do so!

Now, five high-ranking police officers are suing the MPD for "systemic racial discrimination and a hostile working environment." Apparently this has been brewing for quite a while. This is big news:

"This is huge. These are officers who are saying they do not have confidence in the Police Department," Council Member Ralph Remington said. "That should be a big red flag to every City Council member and the mayor. We're mandated to get to the bottom of this."