Monday, December 03, 2007

Lance Moves Along

(from Pez)

Not to get all tabloidy, oh wait, as soon as I mentioned Lance at this point this just got tabloidy, but you know what, who cares, it's entertaining. So everyone knows that Mr. Armstrong has been enjoying time spent with 21-year-old Ashley Olsen. Cool, I love it, what's the problem? Anyhow, apparently this age difference numbering well over a decade was a wee bit too much for Mr. Seven or maybe Ms. Full House, but the result is a movin along Lance, and this time he's been linked with fitness model Kim Strother.

OK! Magazine has this gem of a quote: "Strother is thirty, less difference in age. And in appearance shows similarities with Sheryl Crow and Tory Burch, two former conquests."

On the left in the photo.