Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Powderhorn: cum on feel the noize!

Thanks to everyone that came out to make some noise for me and everyone else out there busting our legs up that hill! If you were racing you know what an effort that was each and every lap, and the noise really pushed us past the red line and we loved it! Everyone was reaching deep into their suitcases of courage for this one! Extra kudos to those that busted out the cowbells, the dollar primes, the signs, and Greg for the cool and appropriate grim reaper costume! Congrats to teammates Derrick and Owen for killing it during the first 'cross races, Morgan, Allan, Josh and T3 for representing, Skidsy for taking a break from the real world and coming out.

Next weekend is the Red Barn race and Northfield. If you're doing the Red Barn race, I better see costumes! I'm looking forward to the Northfield race in particular - I think this one might suit me, except I remember some pretty long tough grassy sections. We'll see I guess.