Thursday, October 25, 2007

BSNY Cyclocross Primer

Hilarious, go read it! Event some of the comments are as funny as the post. Some nuggets of wisdom:

Cyclocross is the opposite of sex--if you're doing it right it hurts, and it's only fun before and after.

It's like you're an Alka-Seltzer and the race is a big glass of water, and everybody gets to watch your effervescent, frothy demise.

Everybody hates a sandbagger, but everybody loves an underdog.

And if all else fails, comfort yourself with your superiority over the other riders in areas outside of racing. Sure, the guy who passed you just then was stronger than you, but there’s no way he’s better at cooking eggs than you. You’re the Egg Master.

But as you slip back the cheers become gradually less animated and more conciliatory, until they eventually devolve into the type of “you can do it!” sentiments generally reserved for “special” people, and then finally disappear altogether.