Monday, September 17, 2007

Lemond wedges?

I've always supinated, and with the stress of running and cyclocross practice, as well as having a go at longer road races late in the season, my periodic left knee pain has returned. One thing I've noticed is that if I consciously rotate my foot back in (or pull my knees into the top tube as some visualize it), especially in a time trial, I feel more powerful and more efficient. I'm wondering if Lemond wedges would help by assisting in this adjustment, making me more efficient and possibly alleviating knee pain. Of course the knee pain probably is more complicated, since it's on the left side only, and may involve a leg length difference. But if nothing else, it would be helpful to have a more efficient pedal stroke it the wedges will help with that. Anyone have any personal experience or opinions?

A quick look at the Lemond Fitness site doesn't show the wedges anymore - are they even available still?