Saturday, February 10, 2007

Mustache ride

Today was the Cat6 Mustache Ride. This was the first year for me, so I didn't quite know what to expect, but I was prepared for some general zaniness as well as some frosty Minnesota weather! Since I can't grow much of a beard I went with a grease pencil Charlie Chaplin mustache. Interestingly people saw it as a Hitler mustache instead, which wasn't what I was going for - guess I should have worn a bowler hat instead of my helmet. Interestingly, Hitler copied Chaplin's mustache.
__I didn't even recognize T3, who sported quite the swarthy 'stache. We all waited up for new father Little D, who showed up with a real Chaplin mustache and a diaper bag worn like a messenger bag! Morgan was working the mutton chops. I almost didn't recognize 5316 either! Tyler was in the running for creepiest mustache, and Derrick was going for the Euro look.
__Anyway, after passing around a bottle of Courvoisier courtesy of Lazer helmets, about 25(?) of us rolled out of Freewheel to the first bar in southeast Minneapolis, a working-class watering hole, and had some PBRs and corn dogs. We met up with Brett who'd been working on his awesome handlebar mustache since October! After that we headed for the Minnehaha Parkway, where those with knobby tires were catching some air on a snow ramp. I would have loved it, except I brought the Pacer instead of the 'cross bike, and the jump was just before the creek and there's no way road tires would have stopped before the frozen creek! Then it was on to Lake Harriet, where we raced across for a case of Grain Belt Premium. I would have taken that if I'd had the 'cross bike for sure! Okay, maybe not, but it was fun riding across the lake anyway. Certainly not something you can do on the west coast!
__Next up was a yuppie bar, so it was finally decided to descend on figlio in Calhoun Square. We didn't get there until 3pm, when we were supposed to be at Town Hall, so we all had another beer and headed out on the Greenway. Unfortunately we didn't get there until 3:45, and I had plans to help Lynne with an errand, so I had to leave early. I wolfed some fries and had some of the very good Dunkelweizen. Too bad, because I missed Brett in action, adding some more names to his little black book! Sickboy and Gilby and others who weren't up for the chilly ride showed up at Town Hall too. Wish I could have stayed longer - a burger and some more beer with the creepiest team in the Twin Cities would have been good. I even forgot to give Morgan his Christmas present!