Saturday, January 13, 2007

Winter run, synergistic dream

Went for a run today. It was probably about 10 above, too cold for a ride, but good for a run. Wore long-sleeved Capilene, a long sleeve t-shirt to be safe, plus a lined nylon jogging suit, headband, warm socks and fleece gloves with liners. It was chilly at first, especially my face and fingers, but I soon warmed up and was fine. Did just a short run today to see how I feel. I'll go longer tomorrow, and bring the MP3 player this time. Running is boring unless you can get into a nice groove set to music.
__Had a strange dream that I normally wouldn't have remembered this morning. Something about blisters of saline eye wetting drops being used as packing material. One the blisters was some kind of medical indications, yet blisters of five or so single-use packets were being used like those plastic bags of air for packing material. The only reason I remembered this is because as I was getting up this morning and about to put in a contact lens, I noticed my left eye was really bloodshot. Interesting how my subconscious knew my eye was ailing and produced this dream, when I didn't even realize it until I saw it in the mirror. The eye was tender for most of the day, but improved later in the day (needless to say I wore my glasses). I'd been wearing glasses for the last two days, so I couldn't have gotten an infection from my contacts. Strange.