Friday, January 12, 2007


Well it looks like the real Minnesota winter is arriving. Since I hate trainers and I can't get a decent workout on the bike when I'm wearing a snowmobile suit, I'm seriously considering running for exercise. That way I can also get workouts in during the week, help increase my bone density, and help with cyclocross season next year. Might be a good break from cycling and a change in scenery, and I'm not too far from Lake Harriet. I used to run at night back in college, tape player(!) blasting Throwing Muses. I'd be 'in the zone' on a balmy St. Louis night. Running can be hard on my lower back though, and the ground is frozen now. I think once I get used to it a bit, I'll mainly be doing hill sprints as much as possible, so I shouldn't be running for too long at a time. My assumption, of course, is that I'd be warmer running than on the bike. I guess I'll find out! Then I'll be the one running past everyone at Jingle Cross next year!