Monday, December 18, 2006


Well this blogosphere tagging theme is spreading faster than, well, I'll leave it those cleverer than I am to make up a punch line. I actually like these opportunities to get to know friends and acquaintances better, even though I trash 99.9 percent of other forwarded material on the interwebs. Moving to a new city makes it an even better opportunity to get to know people and for people (that care) to get to know me. Speaking of moving, here are five things you may not know about StevenCX, courtesy of tagger Super Rookie:
5. In addition to Minneapolis and Portland, I have also lived for a year or more in (in reverse chronological order): Milwaukee, Stuttgart (Germany), St. Louis, Hamburg (Germany), St. Louis (again), Seattle, Rochester (MN), Cottage Grove, Des Moines.
4. I was adopted. Being born in Ames and conceived in the summer of love, I fantasize about being a hippie love child and conceived in the back of an orange VW bus, complete with shag carpeting, little curtains and a peace sign in place of the VW logo.
3. I am not athletic by nature. My first real bike, a Schwinn World Sport, was a bid by my parents to get me out of the house and away from the Apple II computer I'd spend hours programming on beautiful summer days. Little did they know I'd ride that bike way further than I was allowed, exploring the farm country around Rochester, and riding local club rides in blue jeans and sneakers. Nevertheless, I'd go on to get geeky degrees in philosophy, German and French and find employment in the IT industry, but since then I've always enjoyed cycling.
2. My little brother is my exact opposite in almost every way. He plays in a death metal band, has long hair, tattoos and piercings, he's lived out of his car, experimented with various banned substances, etc. His bark is worse than his bite, though; I don't know a nicer metal-head!
1. To earn some money during one year in Germany, I worked for a temp agency making cold calls to businesses to see if they need temporary workers. In German. Yes, I was desperate.
So, who's next? Steve, Morgan, Sascha, Adam B and Renee.