Thursday, November 30, 2006

Fuel Cafe

(dis)pencer was wearing a Fuel Cafe hoodie last weekend after Jingle Cross. That brought back some memories. I moved to Milwaukee after undergrad (the last year of which I studied in Germany) with a letter of acceptance to Marquette's graduate philosophy program, a small moving truck full of my worldly belongings, a pre-arranged apartment in a sketchy neighborhood a few blocks from Jeffrey Dahmer's apartment, no money, no car, no job and knowing no one there. This was 1993, Al Gore was just inventing the internets, Fuel Cafe had just opened in Riverwest and the closest Starbucks was in Chicago. Somehow I hustled my way out of that situation after having my apartment broken into and my car broken into three times, although I never did get that philosophy degree. But looking back, those were good times. It's good to know that Fuel Cafe is still around and people are still enjoying a cuppa joe on the gritty side of Milwaukee. The wheel keeps on turning... Can I still get a Blue Tom?