Sunday, October 08, 2006

Race report: Rum River

This was an excellent course! Weather conditions were warm and dry, so not exactly 'epic' but a well-designed and well-executed course. Awesome job Rum River Cycling! We stopped for a mocha like a true poofter, picked up Morgan at Freewheel and headed up to Milaca. The course featured a double barrier to a short run-up followed by an abandoned railroad bridge (great use of the natural features of the venue!), a gravel road, a ski trail, a scenic stretch between the river and a graveyard (great October feature!) with a double barrier, then a barrier before a run-up or ride-up depending on how you pulled it off, a 180 back to the railroad bridge, then a wicked descent back to the asphalt start/finish. The plentiful barriers and run-ups suited me well, but I didn't do as well as I thought I would.
After winning a race and coming in second, fellow Cat6er Peter kicked it up a notch and raced with the Bs. He held his own quite well. Karla was on fire Saturday. They're starting the B women in a separate wave, which is great, and she quickly started picking off the men each lap. She was amazing to watch! Lynne had a fun time too, no crashes, wasn't DFL and got a clever prize for third place: an orange railroad spike (the team color of Rum River Cycling). Overall it was a fun race and a great day!