Monday, August 07, 2006

Team ride carnage

So after taking a few days off the bike since it seemed like I was overtraining, I was ready for our long Sunday team ride. Typically it's about 60 miles at 19mph. Derrick didn't show up, so Tyler led us on a route that he knew, which had more long straight roads and not so much stop and go. I'd like to think I was feeling really strong from the recovery and cooler weather, especially since the computer said we averaged 18.8, but it sure felt easier than the usual Sunday ride.
__In any event, Adam and a new guy were hanging off the front when we came to a turning point. We yelled at them but they didn't hear. So I sprinted up to them about 300 meters and as I came up to them I told them we were supposed to turn back where the rest of the group was. I still had some speed, so I was riding abreast of them and passing them, and they were riding abreast as well, so after relaying the message I slowed down to prepare to turn back. Next thing I know, I feel a bump and a new rider is down hard. We were probably going about 25mph at the time. Apparently he did an endo, which was particularly scary because there was an SUV behind us. Amazingly, nothing was broken, and the bike just had an STI twisted around and, curiosly, one kinked spoke. I'm sure he's sore today though!
__After resting for a bit, we went back to our bikes to head back, and I got a better picture of what happened. The cable housing from the chainstay cable stop to the rear derailleur was shredded, there was a gouge on the derailleur and the derailleur hanger was bent. Apparently he had caught a spoke in my derailleur, which would pretty much act like a stick in the wheel, hence the spectacular flight described by those who witnessed it from behind. All the more amazing that no bones were broken! Unfortunately no one distributes Basso in the U.S. anymore, so it's going to be hard to find a new derailleur hanger. In the meantime I guess it's time to get going on the Surly Pacer. Originally I was going to set it up as my commuter, but I've been lazy and prefer riding the Basso to work, which also allows me to ride it straight from work to our team rides or training rides. Of course I've been looking for an excuse to get a BMC SL-01 too...