Monday, July 31, 2006


Sunday Cat6 resumed our normal Sunday rides out through Wayzata and Minnetonka. We started at 8am to avoid some of the heat, predicted to reach 100 or so. I was looking forward to a longer ride, especially since I was well recovered from training earlier in the week, and hopefully more acclimated to the heat than the last time we did the ride, when I was really dragging and had to stop on a shady bench between the lakes to cool down a bit. I started out well and was hanging with the team, even won a town sign sprint, but it took a really long time to recover from that sprint, and even from the beginning of the ride my heart rate was at or near my time trial level. As the ride went on and the temperatures rose it started affecting me more and more. We lost a couple of riders early on, and a couple more seemed to be dragging like I was. Finally at the end Nunchuck, who was hurting too, let me draft off of him at a more sustainable pace until we split at the lakes to go home. Thanks Brian! After we split I located the same bench I found the last time and rested in the shade for a while before making my way home. The casualties of the ride seemed to be in reverse order of age. The rest of the day was spent in the air-conditioned bedroom! Apparently I wasn't the only one feeling the heat on Sunday: click on Ivan Stevic above for Tour de Toona final results.