Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Mad Dog

I've always enjoyed his editorials and cartoons in Velonews and BRAIN, but I didn't know he had his own blog: Patrick 'Mad Dog' O'Grady. I also love the letters to the editor from right-wingers whining about his rants in the above publications. Anyway, check out this little example for instance:
Worse yet, the only cyclo-cross race in Bibleburg this year will be run on the day I am to hit the road for Vegas and Interbike. Actually, that's not quite not as bad as it sounds, because where cyclo-cross is concerned, I suck like a toothless crack whore hunting her next rock. I did my first actual 'cross workout of the 2006 season on Tuesday, and I felt OK, if slightly spastic, but today I hit the same practice circuit with a couple of buddies and I got shelled like a Lebanese village.
If there's one politically correct word in there, I missed it.