Friday, June 30, 2006


"Bike racing, in its essence, is a competition to see who can suffer the most and survive." (Link) Actually, I'm thinking that training is all about suffering. I have a hard time with suffering. It hurts. It's not natural. It's so hard to be out there on a training ride and motivate myself to suffer. Thank God I have my team to put the hurt on me during our training rides. It's different during a race or team ride - I can suffer then, but otherwise it's hard for me. It's helped to enter every race I can and ride with the team every chance I get, but that starts getting expensive. But I'm at a point in my fitness level where I need to ramp up the intensity if I'm going to be able to compete and be in shape by CX season. It takes a certain attitude, although I'm hardly sit-on-the-couch-watching-TV lazy, I'm not a masochist. Alas.
__There's enough spew on the whole doping scandal out there that I don't really need to comment...
__You think if I get some sweet carbon Spooky cantis that I can win a race out of sheer intimidation?