Monday, June 26, 2006

First Post, SRR and Summit/Dakota Tech Crits

Okay, so the name isn't particularly imaginative, but it does capture the essence of cyclocross, and I intend this blog to be cycling-centric, although hopefully it will be interesting for non-cyclists. If not, oh well: it's my blog.
So today was the second Dakota crit. After winning my first crit ever last week, albeit in the beginner category, I thought it would be good to keep my ego in check by entering the State Championship Road Race and getting dropped on the hill starting the third lap of four. Actually I was happy to have stayed on that long. Unfortunately I had a reminder of how dangerous racing bikes can be: on the downhill at the end of the third lap I saw a rider motionless in the road, a pool of blood around his head. Later I saw a SUV speeding by with emergency lights flashing, then an ambulance speeding toward the scene. The ambulance left the scene later with no lights flashing, which usually isn't a good sign. Fortunately it turns out the rider had been taken to Rochester, medical capitol of the world, in the truck.
Since clearly my ego wasn't crushed enough with a DNF in the road race, I entered the Cat 4/5 crit at Dakota. Besides, I'd be a marked man in the beginner class. This was a points race, which keeps the speed up by awarding points for sprints every three laps. I stayed with the group until the bell lap, and promptly slipped back through the pack off the back as they got serious about the sprint. I worked with some stragglers for a while, but eventually we disintegrated. I wasn't expecting much more, so it was a good workout and a good learning experience, plus I finished. Tuffy managed to stay with the group the whole race, which he seemed happy about, since he and Fil got shelled last week.
Next week: Northfield Crit? "Fast and technical" but everyone says its a good time. I suppose it beats sitting around watching fireworks on the 4th.