Wednesday, July 07, 2010


It would seem that I can't take the heat. How do people exercise when it's over 90? Gatorade seems to help push out the inevitable shut down, so electrolytes/hydration seems to be the right track, but I really seem to struggle.

Two weeks ago at the State Fair crits I DNF'ed, Monday during an especially hot and humid hot yoga class, I spend almost as much time resting as anything else. And yesterday at the Summit crit I could only hold on for a couple laps before I shut down. It's not like everyone else wasn't racing in the same heat, so it seems like I'm doing something wrong, since I held on with the same racers last week just fine.

Maybe electrolyte pills as well as Gatorade? Drinking more in the hours before? Better warm up? Not going as hard at the start?