Friday, March 19, 2010

Hell Week Texas 2010

No day-by-day blogging of Hell Week Texas this year. If you're looking for more detailed info on Hell Week adventures from past years, click on the Hell Week tag.

This year was a great year because we had a lot of people go. The more the merrier! In total, for all or parts of the week, there were eleven of us. The weather was great for all except one day. Each year Hell Week gets bigger, so there are always people going your speed to join up with. The Leakey Death ride was epic, as usual; even more so because all the roads were open, so we could do the full loop. 11,000 feet of climbing and 107 miles!

No major incidents. My Powertap hub battery died the first day, so I had to haul that thing around all week without getting anything from it. I actually rented a wheel for the Leakey Death ride, and I'm glad I did. Some sickness made its way through the group, a little sunburn, a minor crash, the usual. We had a rental house which worked well, especially for hot tubbing and grilling.

Just like daily blogging is "so 2000s" so are photos. I brought along a Vado HD video camera, and hope to put together a little video of our adventures. Lots to learn with these little cameras; their advantages (size, simplicity) are also their limitations, so you have to work with them.

Video up sometime after I get home; video editing on a netbook just doesn't work.