Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Collarbone metal removal, Birchwood 2010

This morning I finally got my collarbone hardware removed. Big long plate and 9 screws. As planned, I did it right after cyclocross season so I wouldn't miss any racing and will have as much time as possible before racing next year. It was an outpatient procedure, and simpler than I expected, even though the doctor said it would be. As simple as full anesthesia, a six inch incision, and unbolting steel from bone can be anyway. But compared to putting it IN, it was simple. I have full mobility. I just need to be careful for a while, as the bone is perforated with 9 holes, and couldn't take a crash until they're filled in.

Speaking of racing in 2010, I've decided to race with the Birchwood team next year. Because of Sascha I spend a lot of time with them, both on the bike and off, and they're great people to hang out with. Of course the Cat 6 crew is great to hang out with too, but I'm looking to dial back the beer drinking (not that there's anything wrong with beer drinking!) and dial up the racing next year, and there are several Cat 4s on Birchwood that have the same plan. Looking forward to racing in blue next year!