Saturday, September 12, 2009

Henderson TTT

Today was the Henderson team time trial. I've been feeling strong late in the season from all the TTs, duathlons and misc. racing, so this sounded like a good chance to make use of the late season fitness. Amy was feeling frisky and came out of retirement to do this two-person team time trial. She's stronger at TTs than I am, but I've been getting stronger and she'd been taking it easy lately, so we were hoping to be more evenly matched.

Never having done a team time trial, I was a bit nervous. We've commuted and done tuff rides with pacelining and Russel rides, so we figured we'd do fine, even with no actual practice on the TT bikes.

I don't think I've worked that hard all year! My legs have never felt like they did after this race. On the way out, we were trading pretty even pulls at a pretty even speed, but on the way back I was really struggling and taking shorter pulls at lower speeds. The last mile Amy practically pulled me into Henderson. Although we were only third out of four, we ripped an average of 24.7mph, and smoked Amy's time from last year! First place was Jay and Kristy Henderson, and second was Paula Plant and her partner, a triathlete apparently. Stiff competition.

Anyway, it was quite the experience flying along at up to 30+ mph, working very well together and maximizing the combined horsepower available to us. Zoom zoom!