Saturday, July 04, 2009

Northfield first crit race report

The always enjoyable Northfield July 4th crit ended up being the first since my crash last year. A combination of leeriness of crits plus lack of fitness was causing a cycle of fail that needed to be addressed by just getting out there and HTFU. The goal was not to crash, hang on as long as I could, and get the legs back. Mission accomplished. The 35+ race served as a warm-up, and as expected I got dropped quickly, but got the legs burning and heart racing like nothing else. After that, I lined up for the 3-4 race. This was also fast, as expected, with many known Cat 3 fasties in the field, including our own Skidsy. I hung on longer in this race, until they decided we were going too slow and threw out a prime. A few laps later and I was pulled. Only close call was pulling out of my pedal torquing up the hill, but I got it together safely with no harm done. Apparently there were a couple of crashes in my race, but I saw neither of them. Anyway, I'm back in the game, now I just need to get the fitness back! Looking forward to the stockyards crits and maybe Hopkins next weekend.