Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Went out for TNT (Tuesday Night Time trial). I went boom. It was a very windy and at times rainy day, and I was pedaling squares on the rolling course. My time was toward the bottom of the list, and I got passed several times, and only passed one person. It's good training, though, and I've signed up for the series, because I never go as hard as I can unless I'm racing or training with others.

Skinnyski was out there getting pictures, which I was hoping for to check out my position on the bike. I knew I needed to bring the aero bars in closer, and was going to do that until I learned how windy it was going to be, and opted not to. The new base bar and stem got me as low as I can get on this bike, but clearly it's not low enough. My thighs occasionally brush my chest, so even if I got the bars lower somehow, the frame isn't the right geometry anyway. Maybe next year on the frame, but for now it's better than some. I found a skinsuit on Ebay, and even if it doesn't make me faster, I sure feel faster!

I am glad I was running the "ghetto" box section rims though! One guy in front of me was blown off into the ditch with the side winds. Scary stuff! Skinnyski pics show several people riding the base bars for stability.

On the way back I saw Dan Casper heading out. It was amazing - he looked like a jet going down the runway for takeoff! Smooth and extremely fast! Also heading out as I was coming back were a scruffy-looking bunch of time trialers in non-aero positions. I heard something about a "tuff ride" in the neighborhood...