Saturday, May 16, 2009

Funny story - not!

Today was the Synergy 40K time trial at Withrow. Two lap of a 20K course on a cold and windy morning. But I sucked it up and queued up, and was actually feeling pretty good all things considered. The wind was out of the northwest, and we started out going northwest. But oh, when we turned east, that was heaven! Cruising along at 30mph makes up for the suckage that is a headwind or sidewind in aero bars. Reading up a bit on TT strategy, I decided not to go too hard the first lap, and kick it up on the second.

The second lap was feeling pretty good, never mind the fact that I'd lost count of how many people had passed me by then. I was coming up on the turn to start the tailwind section. The marshalls there had a big flag that was sticking straigh out in the direction we were going - really sweet touch guys! On the left side of the road I noticed a rider walking his bike. "I wonder what happened to that guy" I thought. Just at that moment, I heard "thump - psssssssssssst." Instantly I knew what had happened to him - we'd both hit a nasty pothole at that point and pinch flatted. Just when I was about to hit the fun part of the course!!

This was a great course otherwise. Some really sweet swag from NOW Bikes and HED, free brats and beer afterwards, and well organized and marshalled. Great job Synergy!