Sunday, March 15, 2009

Texas Hell Week - Day 1

Yesterday was the first ride of the annual "spring training camp" known as Texas Hell Week. Normslly that means an escape from cold, snowy Minnesota to warm, sunny Fredericksburg, Texas. Yesterday was a bit chilly though, requiring arm warmers, knee warmers and the long-fingered track gloves that I happened to bring along, plus some chemical warmers that I found in the bottom of my tote. The track gloves barely did the job even! Still, much better than studded tires, ice, snow and general yuckiness! It was a good ride though, 16 miles at 17.1 mph.

Highlights: a confused lamb that didn't know whether to try to outrun us or run in the opposite direction along the side of the road, a mean trailer park dog on a collision course with my front wheel (dispatched with a stern "no" but probably responsible for my average speed coming in above 17!), and the usual motley asssortment of riders from all walks and all parts of the country to chat with.