Sunday, November 02, 2008

Non-race weekend

I was going to race today at Rum River, but after stepping outside this morning, I wanted to spend more than just 45 minutes on the bike, and less than 2 hours, 45 minutes in the car. So I finally found the north branch of the LRT trail, and got a good ride in between Hopkins and Victoria. It's a nice, scenic trail, and I prefer it to the south branch. It's also pretty easily accessible, once you figure it out the first time. Looks to be 30 miles round trip, but I had no bike computer on the cyclocross bike. It was a gorgeous day, and I was getting a bit warm in just bib shorts, a short sleeve jersey and a Capilene undershirt, with long fingered track gloves. I'll be doing it some more, especially with mild temps forecast on into the week. I had an extra workout because my right shifter wouldn't upshift, so I had only two gears (front derailleur). Took it into Freewheel after the ride and they blasted a bunch of dirt out of it with spray lube. Nice. Also found out I had a slightly bent derailleur hanger. Time to stock up on those, although I've been meaning to for a while. I'm still loving my Fort cyclocross bike. It's set up fairly aggressively, so it does well just hammering along, and is only slightly more upright than my road bike.

Please vote on Tuesday. Polls mean nothing if people are complacent and think their votes don't mean anything. I expect delays and lines, but if you're in line before 8pm, you have the right to vote, and don't let them take that away from you!