Saturday, October 11, 2008

This and that

This blog was at 666 posts, so it's good I decided to update it! No Twine Ball cyclocross race today. Turns out it's been neutered: they took out the centerpiece of the race (a big mound from which you can see the rest of the course) and made it flat and fast. Saves me $25 and a long drive. Too bad, though, that was my best race last year. Plus I slept in - that was nice! Looking forward to the Wirth race tomorrow. The Ridley crew is putting it on, so I expect a good cyclocross-y course from them. It'll be the only urban race this year, so hopefully there will be a Powderhorn/Boom Island turnout. Plus, Meow is bringing pumpkin muffins, which is reason enough right there!

I'm ashamed to admit I haven't bike commuted since we moved offices. Considering the new office is closer, that's pretty pathetic. But today I did a trial run of my new route, and I have my lock and shoes at work, so I'm all set to start bike commuting on Monday. The poor Surly is still a parts donor at the moment, so I'll be taking the BMC for now. I don't think it's too happy about having lights on, but no fenders or saddle bag yet. It'll just have to come to grips with the fact that road racing season is over, and be happy to get out of the house at least!

Running has taken a back seat now that the duathlon is over. I still run a couple times a week, but no speedwork. It'll kick up again once cyclocross season is over and it gets too cold to ride.

I'm really scared about the economy. Lame duck Republican president that no one believes any more, already in debt to our eyeballs because of Iraq, years of deregulation and mortgage time bombs ticking away for some time to come. A general sense of doom pervades. I'm okay for the moment, but like many people, I'm a paycheck away from trouble. The only good thing is that I moved the bulk of my 401(k) into a conservative account a while ago. Everyone says buy low sell high, but I'm not quite ready to roll it over into my more aggressive account with my current employer. We haven't hit bottom yet either.