Thursday, October 30, 2008

Adventures in bike commuting

Today was my third ride in since moving to the new location. A bit warmer this morning compared to yesterday, and I started about 15 mins. later than yesterday. There were a lot more people out, not sure if it was the later time or the warmer weather. Birchwood Amy caught up with me on the Greenway; turns out she was riding almost the exact same route as I was, so I had company for the whole ride. Also ran into (former) teammate Mario, who was coming in to town. Riding with Amy (cat. 3 racer), the pace was brisker, so I got there in plenty of time despite the late start. Unfortunately, I realized I had forgotten my key card for the gym (and thusly showers, etc.). I went to the office where I had renewed my card a few days before, and talked to the same person I had talked to before, but she wouldn't let me in to the gym or give me a temporary card or anything! Can you believe that? I can't really work in sweaty lycra at my workplace, so I rode back home and I'm working from home today. Logistics can be tricky with bike commuting. Forget one thing and you're screwed. Or frozen. Or stuck with a mechanical you can't fix. Or hungry. Once in the habit, though, it's not a problem, but I'm still getting back into the swing of things. It was a nice ride though, and I don't mind working from home, except for having to kick the cats off my lap periodically so I can work!