Monday, September 01, 2008

I need a vacation from my vacation

Another long day on the bike, this time out west. Drove out with Sascha, Heather and a new Birchwoodie Ariana to Wayzata, whence we commenced a 52 mile ride. It was supposed to be hot and windy, so it was decided we should leave early. So much for my recovery sleep from yesterday. Vive caffeine!

It ended up being a pleasant ride, the wind didn't pick up until late in the ride, and the breeze kept us cool when we were moving. Mechanicals were the order of the day, with Ariana starting out with a flat due to a worn sidewall, and Heather with a rubbing brake pad. I tried taking some pictures on the bike, but futzing around with a cell phone camera doesn't work as well as a regular camera, as you can see from the picture where everyone backed away while I was taking the second picture! Back in Wayzata, a shake at Ben & Jerry's went down nicely. I sure am going to sleep like a baby tonight!