Sunday, September 07, 2008

Bike, run, ick

Today was my first serious "brick" in preparation for the TreadMan duathlon. I figure it's like cyclocross, only sub-LT, and motivates me to keep my running fitness from the summer. Besides, I have no anaerobic capacity yet, so I might as well do something that won't get me dropped right away. One hopes. TreadMan is a 5K run, 32K bike, 5K run. So I mapped out those distances from the Depot on the LRT trail, brought my cyclocross bike and some running shoes, and hit it. Okay, nudged it. Having no clue how hard to go, I took it fairly easy, just trying to get an idea of what it would be like. First 5K was fine. Transition to bike was as easy as hopping on after a barrier. But running again after being in an aero tuck for 32K was wonky. I kind of shuffled hunched over for a while before I got my stride back, and it was a pretty slow 5K. Next time I'll bring a watch and see how pathetic it is. At least the watch will motivate me to push it more.